FUE hair replacement can be carried out at any age. However, a conservative approach is advised by My Hair Clinic when advising young patients. Some of the reasons are:

• The hair loss may progress further.

• Hair restoration at a young age could be the beginning of a lifelong journey of surgeries if the hair loss progresses.

• Young patients may desire a too low hairline when going for a hair transplant, which may appear unnatural later in life or leave an un-natural result in the long term.

• Unrealistic expectations.



My Hair Clinic recommends using Finasteride 1 mg (or ¼ of a 5 mg Proscar tablet which is cheaper) and/or Minoxidil 5%. Roughly 50% of the patients may benefit from these medications. While some patients may see early results we recommend patience for 8-10 months to assess it’s effectiveness. If no effect is observed the medicine should be discontinued. Both kind of medical treatments may have side effects.

Among these side effects impotence, decreased libido and testicular pain may be mentioned for Finasteride 1 mg. However, they are temporary side effects and usually occur during the first months but subside with continued use. Finasteride may also prevent shock loss in young patients. For this reason the medicine is strongly recommended for patients less than 35 years old if they plan to undergo a hair transplant, whether Follicular Unit Extraction or FUT Preferably, Finasteride should be started minimum 1 month ahead of the surgery.
Finasteride 1mg is also sold as Propecia.


In medicine there are no hard and fast rules and an individual assessment in each case is required. We may accept the patient for an operation after an individual assessment of age, hair loss, desired end-results and the patient’s understanding of his situation and his motivation for the procedure. A conservative approach is advised, including a small transplantation, higher hairline and lower density. This is to ensure that the donor-area is preserved as long as possible to account for future hair loss. This approach may not give a dramatic cosmetic change in a single procedure but it may prevent a very bald look in a young age.

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