Fue Hair Transplant in Islamabad
Fue Hair Transplant in Islamabad

MY HAIR CLINIC was among the first five clinics worldwide to specialize in FUE hair transplantation back in 2004. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the most advanced and latest hair transplant method available. Hair naturally grows in what is called Follicular Units containing 1-4 (or even more) hairs. In a Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant, the follicular units are removed individually from the donor-area leaving hardly visible scarring in the donor-area. Combined with the highly skilled and experienced surgeons at MY HAIR CLINIC a hair restoration means:

  1. Natural results
  2. No linear scar (as seen in strip surgery)
  3. No stitching at all

More than 99% of patients in the clinic in Islamabad, Pakistan come traveling from abroad. MY HAIR CLINIC is probably the only clinic worldwide to solely serve patients traveling half the world for a world class FUE Hair Restoration. Nearly 50% of patients are Caucasians while the remaining patients are expat Pakistanis, Indians, Arabs, Iranians and other people living in North America, Europe, Middle East, Far East or Australia. The majority of patients come from UK, Scandinavia, North America and Australia to Get Best and cheap Fue Hair Transplant in Islamabad.


The most critical part of the hair transplantation is the design of the recipient-area and the 3D direction of the recipient-sites. This is where the surgeon’s skills are really tested. To ensure a natural result My Hair Clinic applies the lateral slit method which gives a very precise control over the direction and depth of each slit. The correct direction of the slit is vital for the natural  direction of the hair while the correct depth of the slit reduces the risk of pitting. Further, it’s important that the distribution of the grafts is done in a well-planned and natural way, for instance using single hair grafts in the hair line and larger grafts further back. Depending on what the aim of the surgery is larger grafts can be used behind the hairline or placed strategically in the central forelock (area between the temples).


Many patients come for repair of hair transplantation carried out at other clinics. These patients have often lost their trust in doctors from experience. The doctors at MY HAIR CLINIC are committed to a highly skilled, ethical and professional service as opposed to a merely sales oriented clinic, where the surgeon takes a back seat. In most cases MY HAIR CLINIC is able to improve the previous transplant by a combination of removing or reducing the previous grafts with an un-natural direction or camouflaging these with more naturally looking grafts.


Patients also come to MY HAIR CLINIC for repair work after a strip-surgery hair transplants at other clinic, which increases the total cost of strip-surgery or FUT. You may want to compare FUE hair restoration and strip-surgery before deciding for FUE or FUT as a means of treating your hair loss.


As each follicle is extracted individually, literally any site of the body can be used as a donor-area. This is especially useful for patients that have limited donor-hair on the sides and the back of the head. No other method of hair transplantation allows this. MY HAIR CLINIC has offered BHT from the very beginning and can draw on many years of experience.

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