43 year old Danish male. Repairwork. 2000+ grafts.

FUE Hair Transplantation Specialist - Dr. Mohammad Mazhar Hussain

Treatment: 1st time hair transplant, hairline, density & coverage, dillution of large grafts, strip scar repair

Prior plug hair transplantation. Progressive hairloss around the grafts which are now more prominent. Some follicles were extracted from the plugs to make them less prominent. Patient is considering another session for additional density.



Statement after 9 months

"I've had no complications what so ever.

It looks really great. A fantastic progress when comparing before and after pictures. I'm very glad that I decided to contact you and have the operation with you. It really has been worth it.

People give remarks like: You are losing your hair! You are getting bald! I take it as a positive sign, as I was bald before the operaion!!

I seriously considering to have another 2000 grafts if we can find a suitable place, price and time."